Talent Management




  • Are your people strategies aligned with your business strategies? Is your organization prepared to scale?
  • Are the day-to-day actions of every employee linked to strategy and values of the organization?
  • Has your organization defined the competencies and metrics that matter to the business?
  • Are your managers using feedback to develop people and capabilities, improve performance, and establish accountability for results?

We are passionate about integrated, competency-based talent management systems - because we
know the secret to success is developing people, improving performance, and achieving results.

Talent management systems are integral to identifying, developing, and retaining the knowledge,
skills, and abilities in your workforce, investing in training that is aligned to job-specific needs,
providing clear criteria for hiring, promotion, and employment decisions, and ensuring an effective
and structured development process for employees. In addition, a strong system will facilitate
employee ownership of career planning and development as well as help leaders get the most out
of their people.

Our Talent Management Model illustrates the potential integration of talent development processes
through a competency framework as the foundation, or hub, of the system.