Transformational Off-Sites

While off-sites are customized to each client’s challenges, typical off-site themes have included:

  • Building a Shared Vision and Values. The objective is to envision and craft a shared vision of the future, mission statement, and set of core values for the organization. 
  • Collaborative Strategic Planning.The objective is to build consensus around a future state, facilitate breakthrough strategies, establish strategic and concrete objectives, and build prioritized action plans. 
  • A New Lens. The objective is to create a customer-focused organization through insight
    into the customer perception of products and services.
  • Constructive Communications. The objective is to learn a common model and build
    the skills necessary to communicate courageously under pressure.
  • Intentional Leadership. The objective is to build emotional intelligence, develop outcome-thinking skills, and align behaviors to intentions and desired outcomes.
  • Leading Change.The objective is to apply a model and plan a major change initiative – while building commitment and tapping into people and capabilities.
  • Styles. The objective is to... [...go back]