Transformational Off-Sites




  • Is your organization changing or responding to market needs
    as fast as your competitors?
  • Are there key initiatives without the necessary focus, alignment, commitment, and accountability?
  • Are you looking for more out of your investment in people?
  • Are your off-sites seen as peaceful retreats or “boondoggles?”
  • Do you return to work and nothing changes?

We know that effective off-sites can transform an organization, generate breakthrough strategies, and create commitment to shared goals.  We develop highly customized off-sites so that you make significant progress on the real business challenges facing your organization. Our consultants can help your organization make major shifts, create intentional leaders and teams, and prepare to out-perform
the competition.

Our approach allows managed involvement across the organization, generates great ideas, AND helps turn those great ideas into actionable strategies and plans. Our approach also allows the executive and key leaders to:

  • Fully participate in the session while remaining in the right role.
  • Ensure that emerging leaders are developed, innovative strategies are identified,
    and the right decisions are made.
  • Create a common language and provide tools to resolve the tough conflicts and issues.
  • Surface misalignment that is often difficult to detect.
  • Remove ambiguity and other unproductive behaviors.
  • Create clear, actionable goals and priorities.
  • Build strong buy-in, commitment, and mutual accountability. [ more]