Intentional Leadership skills




  • Are your leaders and teams delivering the results you want?
  • Are your managers effective leaders? Effective coaches and developers of people?
  • Are a few people carrying the weight of the organization?
  • Do you lack bandwidth to tackle the really tough challenges?
  • Do you need to increase the momentum? The leadership “think?” The level of accountability?
  • Do too many issues land at your feet instead of getting resolved
    by your managers?

Never before has the need for leadership talent been so great, and yet, many managers are more comfortable serving in a technical role rather than driving the organization forward and cultivating talent and human capital. We know that leadership is developed while working on real challenges and through real-time feedback. Real challenges might be participating in strategy development, finding new ways to serve clients and increase the value provided and the impact on profits, or opening up a new market.

Increasing the business impact and effectiveness of critical teams can be achieved through a series of specific skill-building sessions with tools designed to increase the leadership capabilities. Customized around the current business problems and opportunities facing your business, our processes create new and vital leadership skills within your team. Using a proven methodology and hands on exercises, key staff will master these skills and will then be able to apply them to future problems. The leadership competency will become part of your company’s competitive advantage.

We design sessions to work on YOUR current business challenges and opportunities. Through our process, proven methodologies, and immediate feedback, we can help you shift your managers into leaders!