Merger & Aquisition Integration




  • Expectations on the future are high. Will your new acquisition
    deliver on the promised value?
  • Stakes are high and emotions are strong. Can your team turn tension and conflict into results?
  • People are getting nervous and high performers are exploring their options. What are you doing to keep the right people?
  • Rumors have taken over. Productivity is beginning to decline.
    Everyone is asking questions. What’s your communications plan?

Experts say that up to 70% of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) fail to ever reach their strategic intent. While the financial analysis and business rationale are usually well thought out, the success of M&As depend on critical change elements that are often overlooked.  And, some of the most important elements, such as the alignment of culture, leadership, and behaviors, are often the most challenging to define, create, and manage – particularly with the pace and intensity of the “deal.”

Our consultants bring specialized expertise in complex M&A transitions and managing critical change factors – ensuring that your M&A will beat the odds!  We can help you stay focused on your core business while helping to drive specific integration objectives. [ more]