Large-Scale Change Initiatives




  • Productivity is down. Morale is low. How can you turn cynics
    into supporters?
  • Everything seems to take longer than it should. How can
    you establish accountability AND preserve commitment?
  • Rumors have taken over. How can you get communications
    back on track?
  • It’s becoming clear that people are in the wrong roles. How can
    you keep your talent but get the right people in the right seats?

Undertaking any large-scale change requires intentional planning and leadership, as change initiatives can distract people from their important daily work.  This journey from “good” to “great” often puts pressure on existing systems and creates tension and conflict over what the future could look like and how specific things should get done. Internal change agents are critical but are often facing the same pressures.

People and Change specializes in working with organizations facing large-scale changes and cultural shifts caused by changing markets and services, industry trends, or rapid growth.  Our consultants bring a framework for successful transitions and specialized expertise in managing complex change elements. We can help you turn the tension and conflict into renewed commitment, sustainable systems, and aligned action.

We help organizations, leaders, and teams reach optimal performance through a framework and proven methodology to guide change initiatives and create commitment, sustainable systems, and aligned action. [... read more]