Helped multiple clients launch new divisions / product lines and re-design org structures •
to reach growth goals. Designed and implemented strategic, structural, and process
changes resulting in new revenues in excess of expectations.

Designed collaborative and strategic events (with up to 130 international participants) to •
engage employees with a new strategy or accelerate transition time following offshoring,
significant layoffs, and major strategic changes for Fortune 500 clients.

Implemented organizational effectiveness interventions in response to loss of clients, •
poor team performance, low engagement, high turnover, and other challenges.

Helped multiple high-growth or rapidly changing organizations assess culture, evaluate •
executive leadership, identify high leverage actions, and implement changes.

Competency modeling - identifying, documenting, and articulating the knowledge, skills, •
and abilities required for success - in various formats including role descriptions.

Training (and coaching) of managers on effectively managing performance and •
developing people through crucial conversations, coaching, and feedback.

Performance management systems (around three major components: competencies, •
strategically aligned goals, and developmental planning).

360 feedback processes aligned with competencies. (Both as a leadership development
tool and as part of the ongoing performance management process.)

Competency-based role descriptions (often connected to organizational shifts, changes •
in structure and roles, and demands for new or changing skills).

Merit-based and incentive compensation programs (competency-based). •

Recruiting processes and tools that enable the assessment of candidates against the •
desired competencies through behavioral-based questioning.

Retention studies addressing the organizational impact and development of strategies •
through “informed” and collaborative action planning at the leadership level.

Curriculum design and development based on organizational data from competencies •
and development plans. (Incorporating adult / accelerated learning approaches).