Our mission is to help clients create strategic focus, develop capabilities necessary to thrive in rapidly changing, complex environments, and measure progress and success along the way.

We have the expertise to help leaders and teams drive successful transitions and create focus, alignment, commitment, and accountability – while setting new expectations on behaviors and results.

About People and Change Consulting

Much of our core work is in talent management systems, performance management, and the softer side of helping leaders and teams get clear and aligned around strategies, goals and behaviors, create a strong culture of execution, and establish positive accountability.

We believe that, under the right conditions, people thrive on high expectations and accountability - which ultimately benefits both the organization and its people.

People and Change Consulting, LLC is a Limited Liability Company founded in 2000. Our consultants bring a wide range of experience, expertise in strategic Human Resources and Organizational Development, and backgrounds working with highly diverse organizations – from non-profits to Fortune 500 clients.